Singapore – Asia's melting pot!

The idea came out of the blue! Okay, let me confess; we are a family of travelers and nothing gives us a bigger high than actually packing suitcases and jet setting! Most of the times, the travel plans are made just before exams are due to begin so that tickets and visa formalities can be completed in time for the vacation, this time however was different! The term had only just begun for the kids but the travel bug had bit us all already!

Singapore, it was!

The visa process was a one day affair and soon we were flaunting our visa stamps to each other. Apparently, the youngest one had more pages of his passport filled up and he kept coming up with this cute request for applying for a new book. The older one however was in the holiday mood already and was seen making a list of the things that she wanted to pick up for the trip, oh teenagers!

Experiences The island Type Climate

This time we had to cut school for a couple of days but an advance notice to the teachers did the trick for us. We preferred to go during this time of the year because apparently the climate in Singapore during August-September is the best for staying outdoors.

The climate in Singapore is moderate throughout the year mainly because it experiences the island type climate. The sea mitigates the humidity. There can be unannounced showers mostly during evenings that van last anywhere between ten minutes and half hour and they can vary in intensity.

The island country is a sight to behold: The country is only 46 kilometers in length and 26 kilometers in breadth but it is a sight to behold. The country projects itself as a tourist friendly destination. In the last decade itself it has witnessed the most number of tourists entering it and staying up to a minimum of five days in a row. The county has revamped itself in becoming a great foreign destination from the stopover destination that it used to be about a few decades ago. Planned development: You can say if a country is a foreigner's paradise from the way it has planned its cities and towns. Singapore is planned in a brilliant way. There are places which almost have iconic statuses.

Here are a few places that you must never miss if you are there:

1. The Flower Dome:

If you are a nature lover, you are going to freak out in this place. This is the world’s biggest collection of plant life liberally interspersed with lovely art forms made by the biggest names in the world. The place resembles a paradise where there is a high chance that you can either lose yourself or find yourself there!

2. Cloud forest:

This is one of the most surreal places that I have been to recently. Here is the highest artificial waterfall and an ambience that creates an illusion that you are amidst the clouds. I felt so refreshed there that I was geared for the rest of the day.

3. Super Grove:

Huge trees like structures totaling eighteen in an expansive manicured garden with skywalks and a lovely restaurant atop the highest tree! This is the adventure life.
we climbed all the way to the highest restaurant in the world to behold the most beautiful skyline n the world!

4. SEA Aquarium:

Have you been underwater? Imagine an aquarium where you can walk and see marine life floating in glass walls around you! Yes, that SEA for you. the place is beautifully done up with the most exotic marine life and some of the most dangerous sea animals housed within glass barriers as thick as four inches to ensure safety. A wow experience!

5. The cable car ride across the Sentosa Island:

The cable car ride will take you across the Marina onto the highest peak called mount Faber and back to the island. The ride which consists of five stations totally is a great way to see the country with a bird’s eye view. Kids particularly loved this ride because it gave them a sense of adventure.

6. Hotel Marina Bay Sands:


This 56 storey hotel has an iconic boat shaped swimming pool on its deck called the infinity pool. The 56th floor is called the observation deck because it gives one of the most fantabulous nighttime views. On a clear day you can also see Malaysia!

7. Singapore River across the Clarke Quay:

Also not to be missed is the ferry ride at the Clarke Quay which has the iconic Merlion’s statue, the island’s national symbol. This is one of those places which witnesses the most number of selfies and family pictures being clicked.

8. Singapore zoo:

This is a great place for kids and adults alike. The picturesque park and the lake in the centre add to immense beauty quotient of the place.




9. Universal Studios:

Adventure, fun rides and click worthy locations make up this amusement park. Some of the rides left us asking for more. If you haven't been to Singapore yet, head out now because in the end you don't want to regret a vacation that you never took!

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