About Industry

The numbers and the facts:

The latest estimate of the influx of tourists into this picturesque island country pegs the number at 16.5 million which is three times the number of locals! Going by the numbers it is obvious that tourism is one of the main stays of the place. Given the various reasons for the high number of tourists in the country, the industry is a full-fledged one. There is a lovely balance between development and conservation that is maintained and this is definitely helped by the political will of the leaders who are striving hard to being the country to the forefront and let it stay there.

The transport system:

The Mass Rapid Transit System or the MRTS is so well connected that it is not only the fastest but also the cheapest way to travel from point A to point B. the taxi service is out of the world and includes some of the best cars in the world. There is road discipline and minimum amount of honking.

Walking the tight rope:

Singapore is probably one of the very few countries that have succeeded in maintaining a fine balance between a flourishing and how Tourism industry and natural conservation. The tourist spots are mostly nestled in nature and so impeccable well maintained that there is never a dull moment in their trip.

The attractions and the works:

The tourism industry in South East Asia and more particularly in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are flourishing only because there is a concerted effort on the part of the government there to make sure that they do everything that keeps the tourists coming in. This includes the best infrastructure whether for staying or transport, a congenial social environment and communal peace and harmony, developing places of tourist interest and making sure that the there is no adverse reporting about their political conditions et al.

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